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These Are Two Things That Are Often Overlooked When Cleaning a Carpet

Hairy carpets are indeed a type of carpet that is comfortable to use. The carpet in the room will indeed make the room warmer and more comfortable. For this reason, many people use carpets in their homes. For cleaning the carpet, then you can visit http://carpetcleanersnorthshore.com/ for optimal cleanliness.

Unfortunately, when you clean your carpet yourself, there are some things that you don’t think about when cleaning it.

1. Use baby powder and baking soda
If your carpet has a bad smell, sprinkle the carpet with baby powder or may also use baking soda. Leave for 12 hours so that the aroma is absorbed by the powder or baking soda. Then, you can clean the remaining powder with a soft brush or use a vacuum cleaner.

2. Don’t sweep
It’s best not to be tempted to sweep the fur carpet with palm fiber because the rough fibers will damage the carpet and make the feathers lose. If you see any dirt on the carpet, clean it with a cloth or soft brush.

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