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The Challenge of Learning English Before Your Citizenship Test

Do you still have the doubt of online registration to join B1 English test on britishlifeskills.com? You need that test to get what you dream of. As said before, many people want to or have the dream of living in the UK. When you have the chance, just go to get it! There are the obstacles in learning English which also become the biggest challenge for you English Learners. Good for those who are still in school, or those who are already working. One way that can be taken is to take courses or institutions that help develop your abilities without giving extra weight to learning.

If you have attended additional classes, but still feel the lack of development in your English skills. Have you ever thought that something was wrong with the learning method used? Is the learning method that you use is in accordance with your ability to understand and gives you the opportunity to directly use/practice the theory that you have obtained?