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Dealing with a wet smartphone

Another alternative to dry and absorb water in a wet smartphone is to use a ziplock filled with rice or silica gel. Both materials have the ability to reduce moisture. Add dry rice/silica gel to the ziplock and immerse your wet smartphone into it. Let it be inside for 2 days, do not be tempted to turn it on until it is completely dry. Apart from that, check out the recommended xiaomi screen repair near you as well.

Check after 2 days

After two days, remove the smartphone from ziplock and clean it. Check your smartphone screen. If there is still water vapor, return it to the ziplock. If it is completely dry, try inserting the battery into the smartphone and try turning it on.

If the smartphone does not turn on, the first step you must do is to charge. If the smartphone battery is not charged, the battery is likely to be damaged. Try using another battery or immediately check the smartphone to the service person.

Pay attention to the smartphone for a few days

If the smartphone can turn on, pay attention to the peculiarities that might arise for the next few days. Play music, try the game application and make a phone call to test the oddities that might appear.

Bring to the customer service worker

This method must be done if the smartphone does not turn on or there is an oddity after it can turn on. Never try to dismantle it yourself if you have never received training or experience.

For that, the best way is to go to a service repairman or to the official smartphone service vendor. Some vendors provide guarantees for smartphones that are accidentally submerged in water. So it doesn’t hurt to try to bring a warranty card to your smartphone’s authorized service vendor. Who knows you can fix it without paying a fee.

Although generally, this method works to make the wet cell dry, the use of rice or silica gel does not guarantee your cell phone will be 100% healthy. The best way is to bring to a subscription service provider or an authorized service vendor to fix it.