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Will You Choose to Buy HDD Encloser?

So, what do you want to know more about HDD enclosure? We often come across an accessory for an HDD called an “enclosure”, which functions to transform (transform) an ordinary HDD (internal) into an external HDD. Where is the popularity of these accessories soaring because the price is very economical besides buying a “real” external HDD (10% to 20%).


With the development of time, a lot of news circulated that the use of enclosures could significantly reduce HDD life, such as HDDs that were not detected at all, often warning “delayed write failed” on the Windows tray icon or unstable HDD when working (data transfer speed rose -down). With the news, many users are worried if they use an enclosure for their HDD, especially for notebook users who want to increase their HDD capacity or mobile users who want their HDD to be carried anywhere.

Indeed, there are many rumors circulating about the minus score from the use of an enclosure to an ordinary HDD (internal). However, it turns out that all of this was caused by users’ lack of awareness of product quality, many discussion forums (CHIP magazine forums of course) have discussed this issue repeatedly. We often find various types of enclosure products and of course with prices that vary greatly until additional features are offered. Starting from the simple form to the stylist, from the usual features to the all-in-one.

For a student or lay user, maybe what is sought is a product that is economical in price, and economic words must be entitled to products that are mediocre or inadequate and the quality is doubtful (generally), this is the culprit of the “enclosure” problem. We often find an enclosure for HDD 2.5 cheaply, but what is in your mind (for senior IT people) about the product whose price is very skewed? Maybe the one that appears is about quality and warranty, don’t be surprised if there are sellers who don’t guarantee one of the products sold. Perhaps, the guarantee issue must be able to be given up because there was never an HDD manufacturer and the enclosure offered a guarantee against the data lost due to product defects, only the unit returned but your important data must be “gone”.