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When the interviewer asks you about yourself and the company itself

What is in your mind when the HRD team asks about yourself? Is it a positive or negative picture? Be careful, this question aims to find out your basic character. The character of a worker is an important aspect of the company. Prospective workers with strong character will certainly attract the attention of employers. Especially if the character is in accordance with company values. Aside from that, you go to www.myonlinejobcentre.co.uk/jobcentre-plus-job-search/job-centre-online-application-form and search for a job online in the UK.

Therefore choose 3 words that can describe you. Adjust to the job position proposed. Give a description of the appropriate character and choose positive words. For example, honest, hard-working, enthusiastic, highly committed, easy to cooperate, good communicators, and so on. Make sure the character that is called is in accordance with your real character.

What Do You Know About This Company?

This question is quite important because an applicant is obliged to know the place or company he is going to. So this question usually arises to find out the level of recognition of prospective employees towards the company’s vision and mission.

Tips for answering this question are, make sure to focus on the positive side of the company to be proposed. Do not compare with the previous company. Show that the company is proposed has advantages that make you interested in joining. This can make companies more interested in choosing you as an employee.