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Things to Know Before Hiring Tow Truck Service

When you enjoy Peoria Towing service driving and suddenly a striking car was a scourge. Moreover, for those of you who do not understand the technicalities of cars and inevitably have to call the crane service. Wait a minute, before you decide to call tow services there are things you need to know, especially automatic car users. When choosing a Peoria Towing service, it would be better if the car owner is automatic to ensure that the towing service sends the unit carrying your car instead of being pulled. What did you know about choosing the best tow truck service? Is this your first or second experience?

If the garage uses a towing method or transports the entire body of the car, in the sense that the tire does not touch the ground it does not need to worry, your car will definitely be safe. Well, towing the car can’t be arbitrary. Because handling for the front drive or rear wheel drive is different. Indeed, this automatic car has rules that are slightly more complicated when compared to manual transmission cars.

If your car uses a front wheel drive, there is no problem can be carried only the front. If the rear wheel drive, do not occasionally tow it this way. The component that will be first affected is the part of the transmission that will definitely become damaged because it is forced to walk without lubrication. Because the machine is all dead, the oil pump is also dead.

However, if there is no other choice, Agus also gives a number of conditions so that the car with the rear wheel drive is still safe when towed only by the front. If there is no other way, the alternative is that most towing cars should not be traveling at speeds of more than 30 km / h, with no more than one hour.