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Want to Packing Unflavored Items? Follow This Ways

Moving things from the old house to the new home is indeed a hassle. Especially if your new home is not ready to live, then you need a transit room to place your belongings. For those of you who have to move a lot of items, you can use storage places with various sizes. You can even put the car in storage places if needed. This service is semi self-service, so you still have to take care of your goods so they won’t be easily damaged. While the company will maintain its security.

Moving a house in one city can be done without sorting and packing, just ready to bother going back and forth. Moving another house to a city but still, one island needs a lot of sorting so you can rent a minimum sized car to save costs. But what if moving to a distant place?

– Packing goods in cardboard
Generally, we pack in large dosages as above. Make sure to use double wallpaper that is still good even though it is used so that the items inside are not damaged. Try each dos containing the same item, for example, boxes containing all books. Don’t forget to give a number in each dos, then record the dos number and its contents. At the destination later, we do not need to rush to dismantle all the dos, can be stressed out tired. Just look for the dos number needed to open first.

– Packaging special conditions
For electronics, if the packing box is still complete with styrofoam, it can be wrapped directly. Goods with sharp edges should be coated with cardboard, for example, wood. This is done so as not to damage other items around it at the same time so that the item itself is not damaged.